At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in a site of great ecological importance, the region of Oualidia in Morocco will attract, captivate, energize and sooth in equal measure. 
Our promise is to share a rich array of meaningful experiences in an exceptional natural landscape for individuals and family adventures. 
So, what is your plan today? Some will be appealed by a Gourmet escape on a hideaway beach or a Bird-watching safari. Alternatively, be ready to make the most of the great weather conditions to practice Surfing, Yoga & Pilate.

Fauna, Flora & Sustainability

Introduction to Oualidia's Wildlife

La Sultana Oualidia is a relaxing journey to make the most of an area of exceptional natural beauty and resources. (...)

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Saturday Local Market


Like many countries around the world, the weekly market is a popular event that attracts many locals. (...)

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La Sultana’s SPA

La Sultana’s cathedral-inspired spa is composed entirely of stone and is the perfect haven for the body and mind. The spa therapists perform a selection of traditional Moroccan treatments using organic oils – which uses the best Moroccan organic plants and essential oils. 
An indoor pool, Jacuzzi, relaxation area, hammams and fitness room are all features of La Sultana Oualidia’s Spa : everything for you to discover the benefits of the ancestral rites and voluptuous ceremonials.


Waves of Happiness in Oualidia

Surf Therapy*

Protected by the lands, the lagoon of Oualidia is an ideal surfing spot allowing the ocean swell to come in through a narrow opening.(...)

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SUP in the Waves & Down the Lagoon

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Immerse yourself in a world of balance in beautiful natural surroundings.(...)

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Horse Riding

Free Ride on the Beach

On endless beaches and stunning country side, the trails lead either to the beach “Les Tomates” passing through Oualidia’s village or further down the lagoon to reach the land in between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.(...)

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Fat Sand Bike

Cycling Along the Lagoon's Peninsula

Cycling along the lagoon’s peninsula in a Natural Reserve up to the salt marshes is the ultimate off-road biking experience to explore the region.(...)

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Observation & Conservation Expedition

Bird Watching Safari

The lagoon of Oualidia is an exceptional ecological site for bird conservation in Morocco and extends over 12 km. It is of such importance that Oualidia is part of the “Ramsar convention”(...)

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Surf Casting, Cliff Fishing, Small Boat Fishing in the Lagoon

Atlantic Fishing Excursion

Another way of making the most of the surrounding nature is to go out on a fishing excursion.(...)

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Soothe Body, Mind and Spirit


Soothe body, mind and spirit with Yoga lessons on the beach or in the garden and focus on your well-being.
Yoga helps release tensions, heal, find inner peace, build mental and physical strength and flexibility.(...)

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Berber Tent Dinner

Berber Tent Dinner

Complete one of Moroccan’s life ‘must do’ experiences and become a Nomad for a private berber tent dinner with delicious Moroccan food by the beach.

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Wine & Oysters Tasting

Oysters from Farm to Table

Step on board a traditional fishing boat to discover Oualidia’s oysters and learn about oyster farming on the lagoon which dates from the 1950s. (...)

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Gourmet Escape on the Ocean and Visit of Oyster Beds

Oyster Farm Exploration

As the perfect way to explore the remote lands between the lagoon and the ocean, La Sultana Oualidia offers guests an ultimate Gourmet escape combining a visit of the Oyster beds and a private lunch.(...)

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Moroccan Cuisine

Cooking Classes

Inviting Moroccan food lovers to master the art of traditional Moroccan cuisine.(...)

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Portuguese City of Mazagan

El Jadida

Morocco, on the Atlantic Ocean side, features beautiful natural landscapes and distinctive urban architecture with white Médinas like the one of El Jadida.(...)

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Art and Local Pottery


The city of Safi is also a mix of a typical white coastal medina with Portuguese influences and architectural remains. It is also not crowded so easy for visitors to enjoy.(...)

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