For future generations to come, our duty is to protect, conserve and restore our culture, our natural reserve in Oualidia, and be custodians of the areas where we are situated. With your help and our actions behind the scenes, each stay can help drive positive changes towards the conservation of Morocco’s natural environment and cultural heritage.

We have gathered our Conservation & Sustainability philosophy below for our curious guests, who like us are concerned by the future of our planet. Our program is based on the following environmental and cultural principles:

  • Reduction of waste and optimization of natural resources
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and following of best practices in the field
  • Consideration of environmental impacts in decision making
  • Regular revision of objectives & performance
  • Consideration for guests’ environmental concerns
  • Sharing environmental concerns with business partners in order to offer sustainable activities through concierge services
  • To showcase Morocco’s unique natural and cultural heritage

Terroir Cuisine

La Sultana’s Terroir Cuisine philosophy is the belief that the flavours and ingredients are directly attributed to the climate, geography and farming practices native to Morocco, to express a sense of place. Honouring this philosophy, local and seasonal ingredients are sourced from a small network of Slow Food producers, including saffron from Taliouine, salt from Zerradoun, cumin from Alnif and Argan oil from Tensift-El Haouz, whilst fish and meat options are also carefully sourced from local-ethical producers.

To bring the best quality to our guests, we handpick the best local suppliers in the field and select organic products whenever possible to encourage sustainable agricultural practices. We have achieved a breakfast selection “organic” at 50% minimum (coffee included).

Source Locally, Made in Morocco

Morocco is our home and we constantly make sure our restaurants serve only local produce, the hotel boutiques stock products from local artisans and our Spas use locally made products, to be true to ourselves and provide a strong sense of place for our guests. Our position on responsible purchasing practices is to ban imported goods (except cosmetics as Clarins & Darphin) and to commit to using re-usable, compostable, or environmentally friendly products throughout our properties.

In order to promote Moroccan creativity & design, in the hotel boutiques we display only local and hand-made goods. We also have a display of handmade items supplied by our charities where all the proceeds goes towards supporting their actions.

Organic Garden

To offer the best flavour in every dish and to reduce our carbon footprint, we produce our own organic vegetables in a communal garden in Marrakech and on our land at La Sultana Oualidia. Our approach is to respect our natural environment with chemical free, nettle fertilizer and some help from our happy hens to grow organic, delicious vegetables. We then harvest their seeds to continue to yield from the land sustainably. Thanks to our vegetable patch we naturally offer more plant-based dish options and we have increased our vegetarian and vegan selections to offer a more sustainable cuisine.


Living Architectural Heritage

La Sultana Marrakech has been refurbished using traditional Moroccan decoration techniques, to create an intemporal place of a bygone era with the comfort of present time. The craftsmen experts (Melems), stone and plaster carvers and zellige makers all used techniques and knowledge passed from generation to generation and are highly valuable in today’s Moroccan cultural heritage.
Decades after the refurbishment, we are keeping centuries-old techniques alive at La Sultana Marrakech and are using them to tell stories of the present through an Architectural Heritage tour of the property. The tour is led by our Living Architectural & Heritage Curators who walks guests through the different decorative arts zellige, plaster, brick, tadlack, craftsmanship techniques. The tour includes a stop at their workshop to see them perform and feel the materials and tools they used. In doing so, we keep traditions alive for future generations and nourish an avidity for understanding these local traditions.

ancient habitat of Marrakech

La Sultana Marrakech is located in the heart of the UNESCO listed Medina and the souks of Marrakech. The Medina is really what makes the red city worth visiting and the restoration project of La Sultana Marrakech was thought to preserve and promote the city’s unique architecture. The neighborhood is very authentic with ancient houses and little shops shaped by time. This is actually one of the reasons the Medina has been listed as World Heritage as it is “an ancient habitat and represents an outstanding example of a living historic town with its tangle of lanes, its houses, souks”. Another reason is the decisive role the Medina of Marrakech has played in medieval urban development, as an urban model for other Moroccan cities like Fès.
Through excursions like our “Urban Safari” and daily maintenance of properties in the vicinity, we help to maintain a strong cultural local area for future generations.

Moroccan culinary art

Morocco is one of those countries where the food you eat will be part of your journey and will stay with you as a vivid memory. Through promoting our local cuisine we give guests the opportunity to bring the basics of Moroccan cuisine home through cooking classes. Guests can learn how to prepare a tagine, traditional Moroccan bread and local pastries.
All our cooking classes start with the mint tea ritual and the possibility to go to the souk to source local ingredients before the course starts. Guests can enjoy their creation at La Table du Souk for Lunch (morning Tagine class – duration 2 hours) or enjoy some Moroccan pastries on the rooftop lounge (afternoon specific topic cooking class – duration 1 hour).



Made from local stones, La Sultana Oualidia was carefully built in order to blend in with its natural surroundings and minimize it’s visual impact on the environment. This is the visible part of this eco-friendly building; the main aspect is that it recycles of 100% of water used.

La Sultana Marrakech features a Riad architecture with patios, thick brick walls and fountains keeping naturally some fresh air inside the house and minimizing the need for air-conditioning.



Our People

Since the inception of our company more than 15 years ago, we have been dedicated a level of social and environmental responsibility that begins with our employees.
Across La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia, we employ over two hundred people from local communities and offer add-on health, security and retirement schemes, which contribute to a low turnover rate to retaining talent. We provide continued in-house staff training and education towards the environment which benefit their daily contribution to the quality of service and attention to detail at the hotels.

Empowering Women
Overall 40% of the management at La Sultana Hotels is made up of women and we count a total of 37% of our employees as women. As a company we make sure to provide equal opportunity to everyone.

Our Communities

Each Stay at La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia drives positive change for natural and cultural conservation in Morocco through our engagements with select local charities.
As a company we provide regular financial contributions and promote the actions of national charities, Les enfants de Dar Bouidar to our guests and business partners.
By 2022, we have selected two charities to offset 50% of our carbon emissions. Our financial contribution fosters activities that have positive impacts for Moroccan people and communities.

Water table production
by the end of the year 2021

La Sultana Marrakech is located away from roads and so access is a challenge. It is impossible to bring enough glass bottles of water to cover 100% of our water consumption. Morocco is also a country where it is unadvisable to offer guests tap water. Our project is to develop the hotels to accommodate our own bottling unite for still and sparkling drinking water (in glass bottles). By establishing on-site filtration and bottling facilities, each property eliminates the transportation impacts and use of plastic water bottles. This project has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic as it was originally scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2020, with all borders closed & lock down, we feel it is wiser to push this project back by one year to 2021.

Each Stay at La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia drives positive change for natural and cultural conservation in Morocco through company actions and contribution to select local charities.

Dar Bouidar : Orphan project
Location : Marrakech, Atlas Mountains

What is it?
The Charity “Les enfants de Dar Bouidar » created by Hansjörg Huber supports over 100 abandoned children to provide them with a new home, health check-up and an education.

How do we help?
As a company we provide a maintenance & financial contributions and also the team of La Sultana Marrakech give some of their time to set up enjoyable picnic lunch with the children.

How can you participate?
A gift box is displayed at the Front Desk and donation are given to the charity on their behalf.

Beach Clean Up
Location: Lagoon & Atlantic Ocean coastline, Oualidia Morocco

What is the environmental assessement?
Plastic pollution is a growing threat for birds and marine species of the natural reserve.

How do we help?
Every day we clean-up the beach near La Sultana Oualidia and every Thursday with the help of the local boatmen and local community to help bring any litter to the shore. Twice a year, every member of the La Sultana Oualidia team take part in a ‘Lagoon Clean Up Day’ in order to have a more significant impact on reducing the litter in the lagoon. 

To help raise awareness of the lagoon’s important ecosystem, La Sultana Oualidia hosts it’s ‘Lagoon Clean Up Day’ on World Wetland Day, which celebrates the date of the Convention on Wetlands date of inauguration - 2 February 1971. 

Thanks to all our daily guest’s excursions in the natural reserve we closely monitor the health of the ecosystem and never leave without a bag to pick up any discarded rubbish we encounter during the excursion.

How can you participate?
The team invite volunteers to partake and will be delighted to provide a bag for them to put any discarded rubbish inside. Once finished, the bag can be returned to La Sultana Oualidia’s concierge who will ensure it is recycled or disposed of appropriately. Volunteers are then invited to enjoy a cup of Moroccan Mint tea as a thank you for helping to keep Oualidia clean.

Save the Birds of the World in Oualidia 
Location: Lagoon & Salt marsh, Oualidia Morocco

What is the environmental assessement?
Oualidia’s lagoon is an exceptional site of ecological importance for bird conservation that extends over 12km. Protected by the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, the lagoon is a stopover haven for most water bird species that migrate the east-Atlantic route between Spain and sub-Saharan Africa in Spring and Autumn. Rare bird species including pink flamingos, grey herons, great cormorants, storks and spatulas visit the lagoon during these times.

How do we help?
In addition to the regular Beach Clean-up actions, our excursion “Bird Safari” is specifically designed to raise awareness to our valued guests and staff to show the value of the natural reserve species and invite everyone to protect it.
The Bird Infirmary is where we take care of any injured birds we may see with the help of a local vet.

How can you participate?
Our team will be pleased to introduce you to the different bird species and the ecosystem of the lagoon during a Bird Watching Safari.