Opting for luxury in all simplicity

Creating a captivating, cosy, insider world inspired by a generous spirit of hospitality, the Sultana hotels give precedence to iconic places and extraordinary experiences. In exceptional listed sites at the heart of Marrakesh and on the lagoon of Oualidia, they stylishly alternate plush settings with a philosophy of living in the great outdoors.

La Sultana Marrakesh and La Sultana Oualidia perpetuate the legend of a Morocco open to beauty and culture. With an inborn sense of service, they maintain ties with a privileged world in which the concept of contemporary hotels is linked to expert craftsmanship, respect for traditions and the environment.

An invitation to enjoy intimate, richly coloured travel. In both Marrakesh and Oualidia, each guest writes his or her own story, relishes dining at the Sultana restaurants, embraces the settings in sheer delight, as one would in a family home.

In an interpretation of taste that gives priority to enjoyment and excellence, we are La Sultana: creators of unique hotels inviting guests to appreciate an informal experience of luxury and instinctively cultivating the "tailormade". At La Sultana, loyal commitment and the art of hospitality have a soul. In a succession of details, attentiveness and delicacy, our guests are treated to the pleasure of bespoke service, rare and refined.

Luxury in all simplicity, at the heart of the Medina in Marrakesh. A refined, insider experience, authentically Moroccan.

Night from MAD 4000


La Sultana Marrakech

La Sultana Oualidia

On the shores of the lagoon of Oualidia, the luxury of time regained goes hand-in-hand with relaxation and ecology.

Night from MAD 4800


Your Moroccan

La Sultana’s 8-night Ultimate Moroccan Itinerary has been carefully curated to include one captivating experience each day in both Marrakech and Oualidia. Designed to inspire and reinvigorate the senses, guests are taken on a journey inspired by Arabian Nights to discover the local secrets of this Kingdom through a range of excursions that are cultural, adrenaline-pumping, epicurean and of course relaxing.



For future generations to come, our duty is to protect, conserve and restore our culture, our natural reserve in Oualidia, and be custodians of the areas where we are situated. With your help and our actions behind the scenes, each stay can help drive positive changes towards the conservation of Morocco’s natural environment and cultural heritage.



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