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Behind the scenes, a team made of a designer, a creative writer, an architect, engineers and other experts contributed to the "La Sultana" signature properties. Altogether, we took a lot of pleasure to create unique hotels boasting the glorious historical past and natural environments of Morocco.

La Sultana Marrakech and La Sultana Oualidia are very different properties and yet so similar.
La Sultana Marrakech is all about experiencing the traditional historical atmosphere of Marrakech. La Sultana Oualidia is set in an incredible natural and preserved environment to make the most of the outdoor.

The properties are unique, complementary and therefore exquisite as a combined journey to discover the magic of Morocco.

Once upon a time, your journey can now begin.


Our mission is to provide an enriching travel experience through highly designed hotels with the highest levels of service to help you make the most of every day, every minute, every moment of your journey in Morocco.

We value our natural & cultural heritage which inspire the architecture, cuisine and experiences to provide a strong sense of place. We believe this is through traditional architecture, restored antique pieces and handmade design that our property buildings can connect you to the very soul of Morocco’s cultural heritage. We believe this is through simplicity, wide-open spaces, and true experiences in the outdoor that our property can connect you to Morocco’s exceptional natural heritage.

For future generations to come, our duty is to protect, conserve and restore our culture, our natural reserve in Oualidia, and be custodians of the areas where we are situated. With your help and our actions behind the scenes, each stay can help drive positive changes towards the conservation of Morocco’s natural environment and cultural heritage.