Soothe Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga / Pilate / Morning gym

Soothe body, mind and spirit with Yoga lessons on the beach or in the garden and focus on your well-being.
Yoga helps release tensions, heal, find inner peace, build mental and physical strength and flexibility.
With several Yoga instructors on hand in the region, we offer an initiation session for beginners and an advanced session.
The Advanced sessions focus on more technical flows of the yoga practice.

A Yoga session includes:
  • Yoga instructor for 1 hour
  • A mat
  • Complimentary herbal tea on request at the bar
We recommend our guests to book early to arrange the instructor on site and to take comfortable outfit, a hat, sunglasses and sun lotion.
(Yoga instructors available can be limited at certain time in the year)

YOGA, Sooth body, mind and spirit
Initiation session from 500 MAD per person - Advanced session from 1500 MAD per person
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