Waves of Happiness in Oualidia

Surf Therapy*

Protected by the lands, the lagoon of Oualidia is an ideal surfing spot allowing the ocean swell to come in through a narrow opening. At high tides, the current comes into the lagoon and breaks into one nice wave at a time, pushing the waves to the shore. Listed in « The World’s Best Hotels for Surfing Holidays » by The Telegraph that covers renowned places as far away as Australia, La Sultana Oualidia is an exceptional place to learn the take off in safe and easy conditions, ideal for beginners and children (from 6 years old).
On the other side of the lagoon, experienced surfers will be appealed by the strong conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, especially at the famous spot “Les Tomates” located near the tomatoes farm (15 km south). For surf experts, there is even a 'tube' wave near the fishing port town of Safi (50 km south), recognized by many as one of the best waves in Africa.
Surfing provides many health benefits including cardiovascular fitness, shoulder and back strength and leg and core strength.
Besides health benefits, surfing is also a great way to relieve stress and tension.
Since the early 90s, a surf school is based all year in Oualidia and hotel guests are picked up from the hotel jetty.

Professional surfing lesson includes:
  • Transfers from the hotel jetty or from the beach nearby
  • Full equipment: wetsuit & surf board
  •  Surf instructor with boat assistance

*Surf Therapy is a web-series about surfing filmed in Oualidia in November 2015. For its 1st season, ‘Surf Therapy’ brings together the pro surfer and singer Donavon Frankenreiter, the Moroccan surfer Othmane Choufani and the local surfer Kenza Nassila. The show can be watched on mobile phones or tablets.

SURF THERAPY Waves of Happiness
From 250 MAD per person per session if paid directly
(supplement of 15 % in addition to the room's price if paid at the property)
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