Moroccan bread centuries old tradition

Bread Making Class

Follow the rich scent of bread being baked through the narrow streets of the medina of Marrakech, and you may find yourself at one of the traditional communal ovens. This is where locals bring rounds of tender wheat dough ready to bake as most homes in Morocco do not have their own ovens, even within the homes of the richer families. The very few families that do have their own ovens usually prefer to use the communal ovens as it saves them time, money in fuel, and also helps them avoid heating up their homes in the hot summer. 
Immerse yourself in this centuries-old tradition and learn how to make Moroccan bread dough in the simplest way. Ingredients will be ready for you to mix, knead and shape the dough. To let the dough rise and in order to stick to the tradition, the bread making class continues at the neighbouring communal oven that will give the delicious wood fired taste. 
Part of the experience also includes a presentation of local spices & pots and the traditional mint tea ritual, before preparing and cooking the dough under the guidance of the Chef.
Learn how to make authentic Moroccan bread and follow us to the traditional communal oven that will take you on both a culinary and cultural journey.
The Bread Making Class includes:
- 1 hour bread making class at the rooftop cooking   school
- Visit of the neighbouring communal oven
- Spices, pots & mint tea ritual presentation
- Sweet treats and Mint tea after the class 
- Moroccan recipe book

Bread Making Class (1 hour 30 minutes) Moroccan bread centuries-old tradition
From 700 MAD per couple
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