Moroccan delicacies

Sweet Treats Cooking Class

The culture of sweet treats in Morocco is closely linked to sharing with friends and family. Traditional mint tea is often served alongside platters of various cookies and treats (Gazelle Horns, Chebakia…), making an afternoon spent with friends an especially sweet experience.
Immerse yourself in the richness of Moroccan sweet gastronomy and learn how to bake Chebakia, Corne de Gazelle, Sweet Bastilla in one of our 1 hour long sweet making classes. 
Part of the experience also includes a presentation of local spices & pots and the traditional mint tea ritual, before preparing and cooking the sweets under the guidance of the Chef.
Learn how to make authentic Moroccan treats to take home, a souvenir from Morocco to your kitchen table.

Sweet Treats Cooking Class (1 hour) Moroccan delicacies
From 1 100 MAD per couple
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