Surf Casting, Cliff Fishing, Small Boat Fishing in the Lagoon

Atlantic Fishing Excursion

Another way of making the most of the surrounding nature is to go out on a fishing excursion. Morocco’s coastline is renowned as one of the richest fish areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the setting of Oualidia’s lagoon offers diverse fishing types from the beach, the cliffs or from a small boat.
Wake up with the sun and meet your professional fishing guide who will share with you his best advice to catch plenty of fish.
We can organize a night fishing excursion for brave fishermen as it is very tiring but sometimes passion has the edge over reason…
Ocean side:
Types of fishing: Surf Casting, Cliff fishing.
Types of fish: Gilthead bream, Sea bass, Sea bream, Striped sea bream, Squid, Conger eel, Drum, Bogue.
Lagoon side:
Types of fishing: Fishing from a small boat.
Types of fish: Black Seabream, Saddled seabream, Grey triggerfish, Moray eel, Scorpionfish, Goatfish, Mullet, Salema porgy.

The fishing excursion includes:
  • Transfers from and to the hotel from the jetty or from the beach nearby
  • A snack in accordance with the excursion timing
  • Full equipment inclusive of Mitchell fishing rods
  • Professional fishing guide
We recommend our guests to take their camera, a hat, sunglasses, waterproof coat and waterproof sun lotion.

ATLANTIC FISHING EXCURSION Surf casting, Cliff fishing & small boat fishing
From 550 MAD per person half day
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