A lifestyle hotel offering an
emotional experience of luxury


In La Sultana hotels, the concept of well-being we offer our guests is rooted in nature and appreciation of life's simplest pleasures. For a hotel stay offering a special lifestyle, the exclusive experience we propose conjures up the Orient of your dreams, now further inspired by innovation.

Our approach to ancient and contemporary Morocco embraces the beauty of artistic craftsmanship. Accompanied by a collector's passion, dedication to sheer mastery based on age-old know-how brings all our decors to life, creating an exotic and uplifting backcloth for a bespoke stay.

Traditional cuisine and culinary research give precedence to simplicity to share the essential values of produce sourced from our lush natural surroundings.

The richness of Moroccan heritage and the call of wide open spaces are invitations to discover protected sites and experience moments of rare privilege.

Our mission is to provide the conditions for a unique, enriching travel experience, in luxury hotels guaranteeing discreet, top-quality service.


2000 - Creation of the "Groupe La Sultana"
2004 - Creation of La Sultana Marrakesh, in the Kasbah neighbourhood of Marrakesh,
2007 - Creation of La Sultana Oualidia, Lagoon of Oualidia.
2015 - Creation of La Sultana Yacht, under independent management




Sense of place, acquiring a deep feel for its coherence. From Reception to the rooms, dining, suggestions for experiences…, our priority is to impart our love of Morocco while arousing emotions. The best of Morocco is embedded in architectural details, hospitality, and the rigorous sourcing of our products.

Informality. At La Sultana, objects have a soul, walls tell the tale of a Morocco lovingly fashioned to attain perfect balance and harmony. The concept of a collection allows for rare  moments defying the codes usually observed in the hotel world. A series of theatrical decors provides a rich backcloth for the narrative of age-old beauty.

Hospitality. Backstage at La Sultana, we are the guardians of respect for hospitality and the handing down of traditions. Stays at La Sultana bask in the warm, reassuring atmosphere of a private home.

Confidentiality. In magnificent sites, hidden from prying eyes but open to the world, our Sultana properties invite you to embark upon an intimate voyage in which each guest is treated to privileged  moments. Our hotels offer exclusive but cosy luxury, and the discreet, attentive care of a personal concierge.

Simple pleasures and deeply felt experiences arise from curiosity that is roused on an everyday basis. Twenty such experiences are suggested by each hotel, including private dinners, water sports, getting in shape, bespoke treatments, museum visits, sunsets, picnics, cookery classes…

Creative dining. Gourmet and inventive, dining at La Sultana means savouring the bounty of nature and fresh market flavours. Fruit and vegetables from small producers and the local fishermen's catch are prepared on the spot. Morocco's flagship products and the Slow Food local sourcing philosophy allow us to focus on sustainable development.

Commitment. In constant pursuit of eco-responsibility, our duty is to protect, preserve and restore the resources handed down by a 1,000 year-old civilization, for future generations.  

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