La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia has joined Pristine Mood

News - Sustainability
La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia, Pioneer Serandipians Hotel Partners, are proud to announce their participation in the Pristine Mood movement.

Both properties have joined Serandipians since its establishment in 2013 and now support this network sustainability initiative from its first year.

At La Sultana, our aim is that each stay can help drive positive changes towards the conservation of Morocco’s natural environment and cultural heritage. Our duty is to protect, preserve and restore our Moroccan culture in Marrakech and our nature reserve in Oualidia. We are glad to make our sustainable engagements more visible with Pristine Mood to work hands in hands with travel partners for the greater good.

With Pristine Mood, our role in driving positive sustainable changes within our industry will be solidified further. We aspire to lead the way towards a more sustainable industry as a whole. Traveller Made launched Pristine Mood in summer 2022. The Serandipians Members & Partners who have joined already span 16 countries and 5 continents, united in their pursuit of a shared sustainability goal.

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