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We have gathered our Conservation & Sustainability philosophy below for our curious guests who are like us concerned by the future of our planet.

With your help and our actions behind the scenes, each stay at La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia drive positive changes for Natural & Cultural Conservation in Morocco.

Local Employment, in-house training

Since the inception of our company more than 15 years ago, we’ve been dedicated to a level of social and environmental responsibility that begins with our employees. Across La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia we employ over a hundred persons from local communities offering add-on Heath, Security & retirement scheme. We provide continued in-house staff training and conservation sensibilization in different fields of the industry and subject to individual goals which benefit daily to the quality of service and attention to details.

Source Locally, Make in Morocco

Morocco is our home and we constantly make sure we offer at our restaurants, shop corners and Spa only tastes, substances and perfumes linked to the country to be true to ourselves and provide a strong sense of place.

We produce our own vegetable at a communal garden in Marrakech and on our land at La Sultana Oualidia.

To keep it simple, our position on responsible purchasing practices is to ban imported goods (except selected alcohol) and to commit to using re-usable, compostable or environmentally friendly products throughout the properties.

Waste management (Plastic Free 2022)

In each property, waste is recorded, sorted and recycled (compost, oil, glass, paper, batteries).

Our main focus now is to reduce waste, so we replaced plastic straws by stainless steel straws in 2018 and invested to complete by end of 2021 our new project of producing and bottling our own drinking water (in glass bottles) on site.  

Plans are now to eliminate the rest and we encourage our guests to join in too. Our goal is to be completely free of plastic by the year 2022.

Save the Birds of the World in Oualidia & Beach Clean-up

As a Natural Reserve and an international wetland protected under the international RAMSAR convention, birds migrating from Europe to Africa rest on Oualidia’s lagoon and dunes. In recent years, plastic pollution put the life of the birds at risk and we gathered our efforts to help save the migrating birds. Our excursion “Bird Safari” is specifically designed to raise awareness to our valued guests and staff to show the value of the natural reserve and invite everyone to protect it.
We clean-up the beach every day near the property, every Thursday with the help of the local boatmen to the shore across and twice a year before the annual closure to motivate every member of the staff and have a significant impact.

Water production by the end of the year 2021

Both La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia are located away from roads and access is a challenge so it is impossible to bring enough glass bottle to cover 100% of our water consumption. Morocco is also a country where it is unadvisable to offer tap water to our guests. Our project is to prepare the buildings to accommodate our own bottling unite for still and sparkling drinking water (in glass bottles). By establishing on-site filtration and bottling facilities, each property eliminates the transportation impacts and use of plastic water bottles. This project has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic as it was originally scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2020, with all borders closed & lock down, we feel it is wiser to push this project by one year.

Energy-saving – Green key label & Annual carbon footprint calculation

Our aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of operations by conserving resources and adopting the best practices within luxury. For the implementation of energy reduction practices, La Sultana Marrakech has obtained environmental certification Green Key every year since 2016.

On a daily basis, social responsibility is considered in decision making and discuss by members of the Conservation & Sustainability committee, gathering staff from hotel operation, Food & Beverage, Management & Purchase departments.

Each year, we perform footprint calculation taking into account energy & buildings to benchmark against data of the industry and find new ways of reducing our carbon footprint.

Highlight of Natural and Cultural heritage 

We value our natural & cultural heritage that provide a strong sense of place to La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia.

Through excursions and daily maintenance of properties and surrounding cleaning, we help maintain Natural & Cultural of our local area for future generations.

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