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La Sultana Oualidia

At the edge of the lagoon of Oualidia famous for oyster farms and flocks of pink flamingos, discover an ideal place for relaxation and rest

12 Chambres & Suites
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19 °C / 67 °F

There is nothing more natural than to offer Moroccan products, for their exceptional properties are famous all around the world.
Imbued with ancestral traditions, they convey, above all, a life of simplicity and authenticity much sought after by globe-trotters.
La Sultana selected a range of natural aromatherapy and cosmetic products from the Nectarome laboratory which has for many years used the best Moroccan organic plants and essential oils.
The rose, the emblem of love, honey, a generous gift from nature, almond, the hospitality gift, the shines and golds of lemon, cumin, strong and sensual, orange flower, sweet and magical, olives, the base of black soap, Henna, skin and hair friendly, Argan, exclusive of Morocco, an oil of divine powers, prickly pear or even dates, Rhassoul, Morocco’s Heavenly clay, all natural products with a thousand and one virtues for an eternal beauty.
A marriage of ancestral traditions and modern aromatherapy and phytotherapy, the La Sultana products arouse senses and reveal the secrets and benefits of the Moroccan cosmetics.

Riad La sulana luxury meets the art of Moroccan living

Riad La sulana luxury meets the art of Moroccan living

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