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The commitment of La Sultana Marrakech towards the protection of the environment is guided by its environmental program. The program focuses on responsible management on a full scale of the company, aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations by conserving resources and adopting the best practices. 

For the implementation of its environmental program and its desire to strengthen the commitment of the company towards the environment and sustainable development, La Sultana Marrakech has obtained environmental certification GREEN KEY. 

Our program is based on the following environmental principles:

  • Reduction of waste and optimization of natural resources 
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and following of best practices of the field 
  • Inclusion of environmental impacts in decision making 
  • Regular revision of objectives & performances 
  • Consideration for guest environmental concerns 
  • Sharing environmental concerns with business partners to provide sustainable activities through concierge services 
  • Highlight of natural and cultural heritage 

Here are some actual actions performed in the hotel: 

1. Energy resources management (water & electricity) 

  • Optional daily towel & bedsheets replacement 
  • Upgrade 80% of lighting system to LED technology 
  • Bedroom key with automatic light switch-off 
  • Adequate partial light-cut during night time 
  • Bathroom taps and shower heads with water aerator 
  • Water reduction system on toilet flush 
  • Drop by drop garden irrigation system 
  • Utilization of ecological washing powder for laundry 
  • Permanent surveillance of water pipes to avoid water leak 
  • Set up of separate water meters per department hotel, Spa, kitchen, laundry, swimming pool and restaurant to review actual consumption 
  • Chemical free swimming pool and jacuzzi cleaning system (ionization & UV) 

2. Reduction of waste and optimization 

  • « Eco label » toilet paper
  • Supply of paper 100% recycled 
  • Printing reduction measures (double side printing, online reading of documents, encourage online form, encourage emails instead of regular mail, contracts & documentation sent by email, progressive replacement of marketing documentation with document printed on recycled paper) 

3. Waste & toxic waste management 

  • Utilization of non-toxic & biodegradable cleaning products certified “Eco label” 
  • Recycling of oils with professional company Kilimandjaro ENVIRONNEMENT 
  • Waste sorting procedures (paper, plastic & organic) 
  • Batteries disposal containers 
  • Recycling of ink cartridge 
  • Provide bakery waste to a local farm in exchange of natural fertilizer 

4. Sustainable supply 

  • Encourage local supply and organic producers to cut on transportation and soil pollution 
  • Follow harvest period and select local fruits & vegetables of the season 
  • Achieve a breakfast selection “organic” at 50% minimum (coffee included) 

5. Charity engagements and heritage & environment conservation 

  • Engagement for the association “Les enfants de Dar Bouidar” with donations of material, blankets, children cloths and financial contributions 
  • Engagement for the association “Al Haouz” for culture and education promotion 
  • Maintenance & repairs of neighborhood houses 
  • Promotion of local cuisine knowledge & heritage through cooking class activity 
  • Local and hand-made goods on display in the boutique corner 
  • Staff education towards the environment and sustainable tourism
  • Promotion of Moroccan art and artists 

Through actual actions, we would like to offer sustainable hospitality and raise awareness among our employee and guests about the environment and sustainable tourism. 

We want to keep a proactive approach in sustainability with continual technology improvements. We value our historical & cultural heritage we wish to preserve and protect and develop our attachment to the community through selected charity.

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