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Quand La Sultana Oualidia joue les Robinson Crusoë

03 March 2014

With the giant eucalyptus as the pride of Oualidia park, La Sultana Concept has found a way of awakening childhood
dreams lying deep within us: to sleep in a treehouse perched high in a tree.

La Sultana was bound to do it! This treehouse can be but one realization of the 1000 and 1 dreams La Sultana Signature has been striving to offer its guests.

Climb up rustic yet comfortable steps and open the door to a vast treehouse hidden among thick and fragrant foliage, in a world suspended in the air. The wooden space is an allegory to nature, where all the elements play together. One of the tree’s main branches penetrates the room. Through a large glass window spanning one wall, the entire horizon can be admired. This is a hymn to greenery, the earth, stone, sand, water and air. The landscape changes as the sun moves in the sky and the tides come and go. The room leads to a spacious terrace, where a sea-water jacuzzi awaits you for a bath where you are surrounded by nature. Dream or Reality?


Spa and well-being in Marrakech an unequaled well-being signature

Decoration combining luxurious ambiance and sophisticated elegance

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