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La Sultana Marrakech 2015 Morocco’s Leading Spa Resort World Travel Award

01 September 2015

Beyond the regular criteria essential for a leading spa today, the Spa at
La Sultana Marrakech is original in that it corresponds in every way
to our imagination of the oriental tales of our childhood. … While the
modern globetrotter demands a place to restore Zen, La Sultana Spa
reaches further with its atmosphere reminiscent of the ancient
bathhouses, where immersing in purifying water would be a sacred
ritual. No doubt because of the rose marble columns that intersect into
arches at the ceiling, recalling Egyptian or Roman temples. No doubt
because of the light from the chandeliers made of sculpted copper that
reflects lace patterns in the air. Because of the perfumed vapours rising
from the turquoise water of the long central basin, which sits as an
invigorating natural source originating from the centre of the
La Sultana Spa, so intimately linked to our imagination, so in sync
with our dreams, resembles none other.


Decoration combining luxurious ambiance and sophisticated elegance

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