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In the pure tradition of the moroccan cuisine

30 May 2014

La Sultana must develop with the same pomp the gastronomy and crafts of the Kingdom. Moroccan cuisine is an integral part of the legacy of past dynasties and as the craft has become art, traditional cuisine has become Gastronomy.

This is what La Sultana introduces its guests, promoting, alongside international flavours, selected dishes that symbolize the ancestral culinary traditions of Morocco.
First the necessary freshness and flavour impose themselves in the careful selection of local produce.

Then is essential know-how of a Moroccan chef assisted by two “Marrakechiates” female cooks repeating the same maternal gestures learned in childhood.
Finally arriving on the table, according to your desire, dishes that delight the eyes and palate.

What to choose between Tangia «as before» Dada Brika and the roast?
But the lord of the table is the traditional couscous Ghanmi and its seven vegetables. Dish full of colours, flavours and generosity, emblem of the kitchen of the Moroccan people.

If the kitchen of a nation shows the degree of culture, Morocco is also on this point, a kingdom. La Sultana, in perfect ambassador, demonstrates with consummate skill.


La sultana Marrakech ultra luxury address of the Medina

La sultana Marrakech ultra luxury address of the Medina

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