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Fine Crafts at La Sultana

21 February 2015

Artisans are guarantors of tradition and creativity. Their knowhow preserves the traditions carried on from the past and maintain them for the future.

With passion and determination, La Sultana demonstrates its bond with traditional art and knowhow, while integrating it into modernity.

It has committed to promote these artistic traditions, which have been integral part of Moroccan culture and heritage. La Sultana supports its own teams who have worked exclusively for her since the beginning. It has taken over five years for La Sultana Concept to complete the work. As for fine watch-making or haute couture, any design or restoration takes time. Sculptors, engravers, painters have been working on various materials, such as marble, plaster, wood and copper.

Local artists have used tadelakt, stucco, and zelliges with innate talent inherited from generation to generation.

La Sultana shares a wall with the mausoleum of the Saadian princes, which is the most prestigious and best preserved representation of Andalusian and Moorish monuments in the entire Maghreb.

It has been inspired from this exceptional close proximity with Saadian art. Over a dozen old riads belonging to royal servants and their side street represent the basis of its establishment. La Sultana has carefully preserved this unique character.

Thus, a stay at La Sultana represents a close encounter with Moroccan history, and particularly that of the Saadian Dynasty. 


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