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EXPERT Week: Natural Moroccan Detox Pilates & Yoga, Spa and Gastronomy at La Sultana Oualidia

11 May 2016

When we think about Morocco, a Detox is not an Experience we consider first as the Moroccan Gastronomy is also part of the journey.
Here we would like to offer a “Natural Moroccan Detox”, something natural that doesn’t go against your nature but makes the most for our body wellness of what Morocco has to offer on a week period.
This Expert Week offers the positive effect of an association of Pilates & Yoga, Spa and a balanced gastronomy using super ingredients Moroccans women have kept in the Moroccan cooking for century… Lemon, almonds, argan fruits, pomegranate, cactus fruits (prickly pears), cinnamon, dry fruits like figs & dates and water.


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