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Culinary adventure in Morocco

10 May 2017

Located in the old historical Medina, La Sultana Marrakech offers beautiful scenery and delicious local cuisine which is an integral part of the guest experience.
Join us on the rooftop to learn the ancestral knowhow of Moroccan cuisine.
You can learn how to measure a pinch of cumin with precision for the tagine or learn how simply use marinated lemons available at Dima Terroir corner in the boutique.

When in Marrakech, make sure you try a “Tagine”, typical dish of the region served in cone-shaped clay pot dish. A tagine stands for both the pot and the food inside and it can be veggie, with meat, poultry, eggs with a taste of olives, preserved lemon or selected spices.
While you are not yet in Morocco to try, we picked one of our favorite Tagine recipe “Berber tagine ‘façon’ Ghanmi” from our Cook Book to bring these wonderful tastes of Morocco into your kitchen:

Berbère tagine ‘façon’ Ghanmi
Easy recipe - Preparation 45 min – for 4 people
Cooking utensil required : medium tagine, brazier
Ingredients :
- 800g of lamb                            - 4 tsp of olive oil
- 200g potatoes                          - 1 tsp of ginger
- 200g zucchini                           - 1 tbsp of turmeric
- 250g green beans                     - 1 bunch of parsley
- 250g carrots                            - ¾ cup water
- 200g onions                              - 1 tsp salt
- 150g cherry tomatoes              - ½ tsp pepper

Preparation :
1. Chop onions finely. Wash the vegetables and peel them. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Cut zucchini in four lengthwise. Cut carrots and green beans in half. 
2. Add the meat, onions, parsley, olive oil, ginger, turmeric, salt and pepper into the tagine.
3. Sprinkle water over the tagine. Cook for 45 minutes on the grill. 
4. Serve hot in the tagine. 
Tip from the Dada: 
Place vegetables in a dome shape during cooking. Decorate the dish with cherry tomatoes before serving.

La Sultana delivers the secrets of popular Moroccan cuisine every morning at 10h30am on the rooftop with complimentary Cook Book for each participant.
Price: 650 MAD per person with lunch included

Ask our Conciergerie for tailored guided visit of Marrakech 


Corner Dima Terroir available at La Sultana Marrakech 


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