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8 Luxury Spas To Add To Your Bucket List by VOGUE

23 February 2018

Honored the Spa of La Sultana Marrakech be listed amongst the "8 Luxury Spas To Add To Your Bucket List" by VOGUE. Let's plan a Spring Pamper and read their review.

The Hidden Gem

La Sultana Spa, Marrakech

Marrakech’s treasures are hidden behind unassuming doors. Nestled in the heart of the Medina, La Sultana offers the most intimate of deluxe properties in the city. Truly authentic to its heritage – from the rooms to the spa – it transports guests to another time. A maze of corridors leads to courtyards, each its own paradise. Trees are laden with fruit, a lap pool is surrounded by hanging bougainvillea, and a single fountain trickles, the drips rhythmically echoing throughout the building. The spa is small in size – as if you’re stepping onto a movie set – but big in character. The fire-heated space is lined with treatment rooms, where therapists work with local ingredients like argan, orange blossom, prickly pear, and rose oil and draw upon techniques passed down from generations. The spa’s special showers spray every part of your body simultaneously, so after an exfoliating black soap all-over scrub, you benefit from the healing power of water.

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